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Shana Black Believes

Public Safety:  You deserve to live in a Safe Community where the Police are the Good Guys and the criminals are in jail. The “Defund the Police” movement and “Bail Reform” policies have proven catastrophic to public safety. Democrats continue to pursue these policies aggressively, despite statistics exposing their destructive impact on law abiding citizens. I will support policies that restore law and order to our communities through adequate funding of police departments and reversing the trend of releasing violent criminals back onto the street without bail. Equally important to public safety is the strength of our fire departments and emergency services. These frontline operations must not be neglected and I am committed to ensuring they have the proper funding, personnel and emergency plans in place at all times. There is no crystal ball to know in advance, an event of natural or man-made catastrophe, and when one happens, our communities must have confidence we are well prepared to deal with it and keep our communities safe.

Cost of Living:  You deserve to live in a State where you can still afford to buy a tank of gas AND put food on the table. Not too long ago, both were affordable. Starting in 2021, Democrats accelerated their “green new deal” policies, shutting down pipelines and canceling drilling permits, sending costs in gas and energy soaring. Inflation and supply chain breakdowns are exasperating the financial recovery from Covid-19. Disingenuous promises to postpone a 2% gas tax increase until 2023, by our Governor, does little to provide relief. In addition, democrat’s multiple creative methods of bypassing TABOR to extort more tax dollars from the citizens must come to a halt. Policies that have already undermined TABOR must be reversed. I understand these issues and am committed to the fight to restore and preserve TABOR for Coloradans, and stop the bleeding that corrupt political knives have caused. As your State Representative, I will passionately pursue common sense resolutions and legislation that strengthen Colorado’s financial opportunities, and make affordability popular and achievable again.

Education:  You deserve a State Representative who believes parents are the authority on their children’s education, not the government, and that parents make that choice based on achievement, location, school safety, and school/parent engagement. Across the nation, there is a perverse movement aimed at abusing our young children through the educational system, and Colorado has been no wallflower in that pursuit. This movement claims to be seeking to teach inclusivity and acceptance, but the reality reveals a much darker nefarious goal. Too many school boards have become corrupted and co-opted by this movement and real damage is being done to our children. Parents are actively blocked from advocating for their children’s education, and this trend must be reversed. It is vitally important to the wellbeing of our young innocent children that we return to a practice where transparent school boards welcome and work with parental input for their children’s curriculum. As your State Representative I will pursue School Choice, Transparency and the full restoration of Parental Authority over their children’s education and lives.

Wildfire Risk Mitigation:  On June 15, 2021, Governor Polis signed SB 21-258, concerning Wildfire Risk Mitigation. This Act provides for funds to be allocated for the building of an Administrative structure to directly fund local and state wildfire mitigation programs, and address the risks involved in each community. Very often, Acts such as SB 21-258 talk a great game and make the citizens feel safer, but never actually provide ACTION to the intended purpose. Much is focused in providing FUNDS and the building of infrastructure that justify those funds, but the ACTION that make the ACT a good idea is lacking.

As your Representative, I understand the importance of ensuring Acts such as SB 21-258, focused on Colorado Wildfire Mitigation, deliver the ACTION advertised. I will not allow it to grow stagnant at the creation of funds, committees, staffing, program plans and promises. All of those factors are necessary to deliver ACTION, but the primary concern of the citizens is that real world results are seen and felt in their communities. I am in touch with the citizens of Colorado, and I deeply respect their desire for great ideas and government action to provide safety to the communities they live in. I will seek to ensure there is productive action and results delivered to the citizens of Colorado, from SB 21-258.

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